Nixa Public Schools

Nixa Area ChamberWe are very proud of our outstanding schools. For the eleventh straight year, Nixa Public Schools earned a perfect 100% score on the Annual Performance Report (APR), Missouri’s method of judging the quality and effectiveness of schools.

With enrollment of 6000 students in four elementary schools (K-4), one magnet school (K-6), two intermediatlist list-arrowthe Early Learning Center (pre K), a junior high school, high school, and S.C.O.R.E. Learning Center (Second Chances on Receiving an Education), the Nixa Public Schools is strong and growing. The district continues to invest in quality facilities for our students, as seen in the current construction of additions at the junior high, high school, Mathews Elementary and Inman Intermediate and plans for further expansion and growth.

Our schools and students are not the only ones receiving awards. The Nixa School Board was selected by the Missouri School Board Association as the Outstanding Board of Education for the years 2000 and 2004. Also selected as School Board Leadership team award in 2012.

Here are a few more of the Nixa schools awards and recognitions:

  • The Nixa Public Schools has met with excellence all standards for the seventh year in a row, on the Annual Performance Report (APR)
  • Our transportation/bus services earned a 100% on their State Level Safety Inspections for the thirteenth year in a row!
  • Nixa Public Schools has been recognized ten consecutive years for achieving the Governor’s and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s “Accredited with Distinction in Performance” Award. This is the highest accreditation standard given by the State of Missouri.
  • Nixa Public School’s “Strategic Planning Process: was nominated for the Magna Award 2004 for Improving the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) through the Strategic Planning Process.
  • Nixa’s 2012 ACT scores are above the state and national average.
  • The Nixa Public Schools’ 3 -year Technology Plan earned a 99%.
  • Nixa Public Schools Special Education Program earned a 99% on the MSIP review.
  • Missouri Preschool Project grant for four-year-old general education students awarded to the Nixa Public Schools Early Learning Center for $65,000.

Nixa Public Schools Facts

# of Schools Enrollment
1 (Pre K & Transition K) 194
1 K-6 STEAM School 435
4 (k-4) 1866
2 (5-6) 825
Nixa Junior High
1 (7-8) 934
Nixa High School
1 (9-12) 1688
Total Enrollment 5942

District Mission Statement

(Approved June 9, 2009)
The mission of Nixa Public Schools, dedicated to our legacy of excellence, is to ensure all students achieve maximum potential and graduate with the knowledge, skills and character necessary to succeed as productive, informed, and engaged citizens in a diverse society by providing a quality, comprehensive, world-class education in a safe and secure learning environment.

2013-2014 School Calendar

Source: Nixa Public Schools District Superintendent Office, 2011-2012 School Year and Nixa Public Schools website

John Thomas School of Discovery
John Thomas School of Discovery

Phone: 875-5600,
Fax: 725-7424
312 N. Market St.
Principal: Dr. Josh Chastain

Nixa Public Schools
Espy Elementary

Phone: 875-5650,
Fax: 725-7448
220 S. Gregg Rd.
Principal: Michelle Wilkerson

Nixa Public Schools
Mathews Elementary

Phone: 449-3110,
Fax: 725-7474
605 S. Gregg Rd.
Principal: Pat Sutherland

Nixa Public Schools
Century Elementary

Phone: 724-3800,
Fax: 725-7475
732 E. North St.
Principal: Jennifer Chastain

Nixa Public Schools
High Pointe Elementary

Phone: 225-1600,
Fax: 225-1608
900 N. Cheyenne Rd.
Principal: Marilyn Hanna

Nixa Public Schools
Inman Intermediate

Phone: 449-3210, Fax: 449-3268
1300 N. Nicholas Rd.
Principal: Dr. April Hawkins

Nixa Public Schools
Summit Intermediate

Phone: 724-4000,
Fax: 724-4008
890 N. Cheyenne Rd.
Principal: Alysia Ackerman

Nixa Public Schools
Junior High School

Phone: 875-5430,
Fax: 875-5425
205 North St.
Principal: Lori Wilson

Nixa Public Schools
High School

Phone: 724-3500,
Fax: 724-3515
514 S. Nicholas Rd.
Principal: Mark McGehee

Nixa Public Schools
S.C.O.R.E. High School (9-12) & Dist. At-Risk Coord.

Phone: 724-4080,
Fax: 724-4088
1398 W. Mount Vernon
Principal: Cheryl Huson

Nixa Public Schools
Early Learning Center (PreK)

Phone: 724-4050,
Fax: 724-4068
301 S. Main St
Principal: Jennifer Tilley


Nixa’s close proximity to Springfield provides residents & employees in the Nixa area with immediate accessibility to the following educational facilities:

  • Missouri State University
  • Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC)
  • OTC Richwood Valley
  • Columbia College
  • Drury University
  • Evangel University
  • Central Bible College
  • Everest College
  • Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
  • Forest Institute of Psychology
  • Baptist Bible Graduate School of Theology
  • Rhodes College
  • Bryan Career College
  • Webster University
  • Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Cox College of Nursing
  • Baptist Bible College
  • Vatterott College
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • University of Phoenix

Source: Springfield Chamber of Commerce